Dynamic Category List

Hello Everyone

I need to create this type list

horizontal and vertical are both dynamic

Using Dynamic Component extension

So Pleas tell how create like this.

where do your data present? It is not a big matter , the matter is design the layout first ten convert it into dynamically based on amount of data

like this

or this one

Try to understand I need only create vertical and horizontal list create that not need under data beacause I know how to use dynamic component extension but not understanding dynamic category so please guide me for how to create dynamic category list

Well, did you mention any category in the picture?

What you try to mention here?

If so you know well, that is struture depends upon the data

But I need to create only for learning purpose

I have a dynamic list of card view and under on 1mini card box so iam trying to create under card boxes dynamic box in horizontal list like 1st card on 4box 2nd card on 3box 3rd Card 7boxes means that iam saying create dynamic boxes in card list

I hope you try to understand it.