Custom webviewer extension minimum API level?

hello all
Does custom web viewer extension require minimum API level of 21?

I am using this extension and uploaded the apk on playstore. I have API 19 set in my app yet play store is reading it as API 21.

Is it because of the extension?

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Yes this extension requires api 21, you should update your app min. api . It’s already mentioned in the main topic:

Also there is a lite version that requires api 11 here:

P.S: please keep questions about extensions, in the extension’s topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately not in every case. See e.g. here:


Then the mistake is done by the developer…

Btw, extension by Andres_Cotes works just fine on lower versions, try this one Sidemenutest.apk (5.3 MB) (worked on emulator 4.1)

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No, as I said, for Material (design) icons you need at least Lollipop (Android 5, API 21).

I don’t see any menu in your APK …

Working just fine on emulator 4.1

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I dont think so, it works even with API 19. Try in in kodular. Use FAB component and add material icons to it. It will work.

I think it is for the Material Icons library. But Material Icons are used in Kodular as a TTF font, not a library. So it is nothing different than setting a custom font to a text. And as it is just a font, it can work on any Android version. You can check that by exporting an APK and look at the “MaterialIcons.ttf” file as an asset.

And as you can see from the extension’s topic, Andres_Cotes’s extension requires uploading the MaterialIcons font file to the assets.


Yes, I know.

But it should also work with AI2 and no MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf is added to the assets there.

I can’t find such a hint in the documentation.

No, even if I now know how the menu is supposed to work, it will take me at least 4-5 tries to open it on my Galaxy Note8.

Your phone is broken…

No point in chatting any more about that extension…

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No, my device works fine, but like most I use a screen protector.