Min SDK Level - Which is Best

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I’ve read other posts on Min SDK but nothing has been offered as a definitive guide

What is the best SDK level to set one’s app at so that no extensions (and other stuff) cause the app to crash


The lowest SDK level is best because It supports all the devices and all extension functions are working in that.

The API 21 is best for new & modern mobile phones because in API 21, I have found that kodular & Android had done some new improvements.

Other than that, Start what ever you like but make sure maximum number of devices should be working.

SDK level doesn’t matter the Crashing, its for Android devices. The crashing depends on the matter how you build your apps or there any unwanted blocks.

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Also due to empty text field in certain components, left over unwanted residual files, project within project, unsupported extension. Etc etc only the causes

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Check the Kodular docs with your user components. There is the minimum API Level to set to get it working.

That’s not true not every Kodular Components and Extensions are working on the lowest setting.


Exactly, for example Numby : Add number picker to your apps works on android 10 and higher otherwise error occurs


Sorry! @dora_paz & @Ded_Sec_00

I mean to say maximum , I have known and tested many extension are working. But Still sorry for that. Yes You both are right that all extension are not working.

Of course, apps can crash if they (an extension used) do not work with a minSdkVersion (e.g. SDK 21 or 22, Android 5.x).

E.g. the NotificationStyle (Media) extension crashs on API < 23. So the minSdkVersion has to be at least 23 for it to work.

I thought I would just put this question out there cause there isnt much useful discussion on the issue of SDK

Usually it is recommended:


AI2 (nb188):

(→ AndroidX libs)

Kodular (1.5.3-Fenix):

(→ AndroidX libs)

See also e.g. here:

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Thank you. You see, for ppl like me, this is hi tech developer stuff. Way too technical for plebs like us. :_)

Thanks… Interesting reading