CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

I have now tested it in 3 devices.(Xiaomi)

When I deleted Vimeo app which was opening before when file upload needed.
Now it is showing “Error 601: No corresponding activity was found” after deleting vimeo app !!!

Default File Manager is also present.

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Add an if-then-else statement like this:


Make sure you have used FileAccess property only once.
Also search in community, it has been solved few times.

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I will try it if it can work !!

Set FileAccess property only after creating webview.

Show your complete blocks.

Set FileAccess property after SetWebView and before GoToUrl.

Send an apk.

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Can you send the AIA? Either here or in PM.

That error is shown only for the first time.
Let me tell you that permissions have been problem for a long time.

You may fix this issue by migrating to v10.2beta

How to use circular progress bar with custom webview ?

As i want to show normal circular progress bar in centre of page !!! :thinking: :thinking:

Sorry, I am unable to understand how is this related with CustomWebView extension.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I got the solution.

I have to make the arrangement invisible in which i am loading the webview till it loads.

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I didn’t understand how to use your extension . I use go to url block but I didn’t get webviewe . I only get white screen help me. For this extension blocks

At least read the topic for few minutes.

After install Ver 10, with only 3 blocks, i open my app and it close immediateCapture blocks 2

@azparts I think your method is wrong because you have not created webview container after screen initialize :face_with_monocle:

You have to use blocks like this :point_down:

blocks (14)

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my app open my homepage and automatically turn to “blank (white) screen” blocks

Working fine:

i think you dont have this block

it work when i disable this block.