CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Well thank you koders I know someone was about to help me on this but good news is that instead of using JS codes I then used Web component and solved this like this

Chears to all Kodular koders
Keep koding :star: :pray:

@vknow360 how can i add custome origin & referer to the headers , i have done a small research couldn’t find the blocks

I am making an app which downloads files from webview, but when i use custom web view in my app, it automatically closes, please help me, i am trying very hard from many days but didn’t found the solution…

Show your blocks how you set to initialize Custom Webview

Initializing it in wrong way causes the app to crash

See correct method :point_down:

Can you tell how to download files with custom web view

leave empty?

Download directory and file name sockets for default values

is there any problem in it

No Everything is right

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How do we download files with customwebview?

Solution is just few post above :upside_down_face:

You are using WebViewer component.

No it was older, i have put customwebview now

Did you try?

in customWebView component, how to store cache memory in my app ?
i put a wordpress site using this aix, but the app asking login every time when i open my app. i want one time login, until logout.

when i click a button that need to open a new tab can not doing any further progress??

You can do two things:

  1. Set SupportMultipleWindows property to false
  2. Handle new tab requests correctly (for this you need to read last few hundred posts)

P.S. you already have gotten the solution

Why I’m getting this error in Android 8
When im run in Android12 then work fine but in low version app will be crash

Did you search in the community?
Use v12beta .