Cut 20 letters from sentence

Cut 20 letters from sentence
Example: hay there I am using WhatsApp
After cutting: hay there I am

And if sentence have < (less-than) 20 letters then display normally.
Thanks in advance

Check out this block:


Your result (after cutting) is not correct, should be: “hay there”


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Hello, I know this as been marked as solved. But when they say cut 20 letters from sentence, why not just set the length as 20 instead of doing the subtraction ? Cut%20text%20003 )

I remarked that doing the math only remove the last 20 letters and if the text is even longer, you will end up with more than 20 letters.

Let me konw why you think?


Then it should have been put in another way:
“Cut out the first 20 characters as long as the length of the string is >= 20.”

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