Dangerous app warning during installation

Hello. I am facing a problem. When anybody install my app, shows this warning.

What is the possible reason of this. And how to fix that …

This can happen if you side load apps.

This question has been asked and answered multiple times so search the forum for a solution. In future please remember to search the forum before spamming it.

This is related to unknown source setting. Before sometime ago I didn’t face these problem. But I used onesignal fix extension after that it shows this.

Can you please suggest me some topic regarding this… I didn’t find any…

And if any app isn’t on playstore. Thats not mean the app was dangerous

Simply ignore this because when you upload your app to playstore you can’t face this. Many Devices show warning when you side load the apps.

And you said it comes after you put onesignal extension so maybe because of any special permission in manifest or because of services or any class.

Just ignore it.

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