Got warning from playstore after installing the apk created with kodular

When ever i create apps with kodular i get this error after installing the application on any android device screenshot provided below please if some one can help me regarding this issue

Extensions i have used:

This warning may show on some devices as the apk installed from unknown source. Publish your app to any trusted app store.

But the application i created is only for personal use thats why i want upload it to playstore even i have talk with some friends about this issue but they never get a issue like this im the only getting this virus type error for my app applications maybe i need to change my account on kodular or something

You have a few options:

  • Ignore it. This is not the first time a “fake positive” has appeared in a Kodular or AI2 distro app. This type of virus may appear if it is not from a known source like Asim suggested, or it may be that the virus detector had an error.

  • Do something about it. Maybe your app really does have a virus or similar issues detected. It could be that one of the extensions that you use is not too user-friendly, and the virus detector of your phone is just too sensitive. If you really want to remove the virus warning, remove the extensions, but in fact you really don’t need to. Simply ignore it.

  • If you really have the time and effort, report it.

In conclusion, ignore it. If you really really want it to be removed, remove the extension that causes the error. However, this is too time-consuming. The best option is to ignore it.


You know what when ever i create apps with kodular even i have not added a label in my project i just name the project and then download the apk file at this time i also get this virus error even i have not implement anything in the app like its a test application and i dont have any antivirus application the warning appears from google play protect so i can not remove it so i think i should ignore it maybe.

Yes. It’s a false positive, just like some COVID tests nowadays.

Or if you are having a headache with this error, you can step in and report it to the virus detector.

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