Virus detected when installing apk

I have created a simple app with an audio player, using the exoplayer extension. When I try to install the app on my huawei cell phone, I receive the warning that a virus has been detected and that the app should be removed.

I go to kodular, proceed to uninstall the exoplayer extension, and the virus warning disappears when I install the app.

I don’t really know where the problem is, if it’s the extension or my antivirus.

Waiting for an answer, greetings to all!

Read this and follow the quoted links there :point_down:

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Please check this

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I don’t know why you felt like this, but have you seen the link by @Hadi_Editz
If you see that you must get the solution.

Read this from same thread some imp posts.

Which Extension ?

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When I use to face problems not building APK Files, Kodular showed me a log file and in that log said the word checking for dangerous extensions. That exoplayer extension should have been checked. There is already an exoplayer component in Kodular anyway.

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