What is this kodular?

Hello Boban,
As I am understanding you guys are forcing people to publish app on play store.
I am not saying it without any reason there are many reasons.
First of all you guys are providing aab for publishing and aab is supported by only play store and no other stores support it.
Secondly you guys are not providing the app that is approved by you guys it is because you guys are not wanting your user publish app on other stores expect play store.
The app you guys are providing is containing some virus and you guys are telling there is no virus in app other store companies are showing virus in the app created with kodular and it’s not fault of other store companies it’s your fault.

I know you guys will not give more value to my massage but the truth can’t be hidden.
I am trying to upload my app to mi store but every time it got rejected I am continue to update my app but again and again it got rejected :frowning::frowning: and it’s a sad news for me.

Waiting for your response…

You have APK as well

Sorry, you lost me here

You have probably read all the threads you have been linked to, so no virus in Kodular apk

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The apk which you gave in my pm, it contains Evo-gen

Show the list of extensions

I don’t know anything about Evo-gen.

List of extension

Is there any way to remove this virus.