Virus in kodular when upload app to mi app store

As I have made a gk earning app in kodular and publishing the app to miss app store and it says that The app contains virus, I was shocked on seeing that the app made by kodular is a type of virus.
As I have attached a screenshot You can see in that.

Can you show your app

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Yes of course let u see my app check it Gk_Earning_App.apk (6.8 MB)

Removed More app function and after upload it’s create bug on the your app

It mean we have to remove the more app features.

Yes removed More app feature

It is not allowed to create a earning app with Kodular.
Why do you develope earning apps here ?

Lol… your app itself is a scam. No one is gonna support you if you make apps like this. Not even kodular.

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But why :question::question::question:

your app is an earning app, which might be considered by an antivirus program as a virus…
great that antivirus programs are now so advanced to be able to identify earning apps, so probably soon we are earning apps free…



There is no virus from kodular side the virus is itself in the idea of Earning app

If we don’t made earning app then it is virus free

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Yes, actually earning apps also do not have virus but they are not less than virus they have many ads and this is really forcing customer to click on adds ,which is not legal therefore if earning app is encountered by system it treat it as virus

i hope you loose your developer account and adob will kick your account in the trash forever

i dont undserstand why people not get banned if they develope a earning app, it is not allowed to do this here.