Hello Sir I want some help!

I have a problem with my application. When I upload my application (Created with Kodular) on Mi apps Store then they rejected my application and say that my application have a virus.

What I do, I have no any type of virus in my application, help me

Did you use translator or you know one of the langauges in China?
Of course it is an error but maybe not because of you made a virus.
Translators can mistake.

Sir thanks for Your reply , I’m again submit my application on store and wait for it.

No bro in every app which is created by kodular same problem it shows. Their is virus.

How to solve this problem, have any idea

No brother i don’t have any idea about it…

My application Again Rejected. This is the 3rd time. Mi Apps Store Rejected my application 3 times. Sir What i do :frowning_face: