Malicious extension?

today I have added an extension to kodular (in the last fenix version) and it says this,
this is because it has virus?


What extension was that?


Why does the account from @MEULEN have the same ip adress as you?

it was an extension to put unity ads, I know that kodular has its own monetization method, but, if I understand correctly, in a while they will no longer be available individually and will be all in the same block.
and I want to keep using the unity ones, because other apps (not made in kodular) use those ads.


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I have 2 accounts

there is no problem no?

Yes there is a problem. You can only have one account on the community. Which one should i delete.

will you delete my kodular? or community account?

Ad extensions are not allowed. You can only use the internal ad components.

Community account

ok, thanks

ok, delete this account, sorry

After i deleted that extention now showing like this

Wich extention should i delete ?

All Deep Host extensions, maybe.

Why I am not able to use this Leo Profile View Extension ?

Is it not allowed to use this extension ?

Even Taifun extensions…

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Now waiting for someone to say unable to use :grimacing:


Let’s see what the devs have to say about this.


For security reasons, we no longer allow extensions to use the ReplForm. If your extension is being tagged as malicious for the same reason, please repackage it after removing all references to

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New Update More Fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I was waiting for the New updates with lots of good expectations , but didn’t expected this :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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