Data not loading from Airtable

Not showing cardviews when using switch method to call airtable column blocks.
Its working when calling with seperate column blocks.What issue with my blocks?

show your airtable data

when sheet get value then
first set value
second set switch
than after call other value

Tried. Still not solved

send block with extended

first try to display all value in label

It was worked when calling each coumn block for geting each list values

then what use of compare text block

Then it was removed

These are the wrong blocks. You must use if statements in a correct order

That means

now test your app

You have used multiple if else blocks. Use else if and then try calling the values and it will work.

Ok i will try it

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@Aditya_Singh Thanks. It fixed now

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Is need to arrange in order
Set values
Set switch
Call another value

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What about my last reply?