Data redirection problem / Color change

on “Screen1” shows information in a slider style (there are 4 picture templates).
on “Screen2_Options” there are visibility settings for the first page.
that is, you can choose which templates you can hide.

But each template has its own background color. which the must change with him.
Use: "DotsIndicator, TabStriplayout, Hex2kodular, TinyDb

How to do it. so that the background also changes with the template??

ProjectMac.aia (44.6 KB)

Try this and see if it works for you

ProjectMac_1.aia (48.9 KB)

Thank you. but you probably did not understand what I needed.
I made a video.

Only one can be hidden every time or up to how many tabs can be hidden ?

I have a complete project. there are 16 card (templates) which, if possible, will need to be hide.
this project as an example.

The first tab is always visible. And all the rest can be hidden.

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