Database Erasing

Hi guys.
I need some help from you.
Create an application in Kodular that saves data (firebase). So there are no apps like: Name, Data, Subject, Obs …). And so far so good.
But it turns out that when I don’t provide any data (left blank) and click save, all data already saved in the database is deleted. How to solve it?

See below my code:

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make sure you check you are not letting him save any empty data, because if you send any empty data firebase get crashed and destroy all you data, make check for if textbox is empty then dont send data, if textbox is empty then show error, for example if textbox 1 text not is empty then check for other textbox, check all textbox data like this in if else, then save, check exmple

samiu8336, my friend. Thanks a lot.
I will test your instruction.

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welcome, if needs any assistance i am here

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