Null value from firebase

I found that if you save the data on firebase in an array there are many problems, for example it is not possible to delete a single entry because firebase considers the array only one object, but the most serious problem is that it often returns null value, like do you save data instead of in an array?

Show us what you have tried, we will help you to achieve your wish. .

You entered wrong name, token or api key.

Save the values in sub tags so easily you can replace the value

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token, key e api is correct the problem is firebase array

How to properly set Firebase Realtime Database to avoid null value at the beginning of array? - Stack Overflow

I need childByAutoId or push(). for add value but how can i with Kodular?

show us what you have tried and your firebase structure

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Thanks for help

still second image is not showing
Ok, what you want to do with this firebase list? which value you want to show when the screen initialise

the Firebase list is the one I would like to display in fact it works until it gets to the “Sport” node where it finds the null value

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but in reality as you can see Firebase seems to have the right values ​​only that it returns null due to the management of the arrays, at least that’s what I managed to understand from the firebase documentation

I read that the correct method to add data would be to use the push function but I don’t know how to do it with Kodular, I also tried to create a list and add the data in fact I can but the data is added all on a single line always for how Firebase manages the lists and then it becomes difficult to manage it

If you want to add multiple values in same tag use make a list block.

If you want to continue to add in the same tag use apprend value block

I am sorry, still some of your images are not uploaded, and I didn’t still catch your point

You are suffering at the time of saving the value in firebase or at the time of retrieving the values? If your query clear you will get solution faster. If not it will delay.

Also note that firebase doesn’t work well with 1,2,3,… as tags

I try!

It is possible to delete a single entry to do that

  1. Get the value from Firebase using Blocks
  2. Use remove item block in Blocks List section
  3. Save the value to the same reference in Firebase

Null means Nothing, It may be that you have entered the wrong reference or API key.

If you pass the value as List, Firebase considers it as an Array

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