Database SQLite - read and write data

Hi. I am a beginner programmer for the Android platform. I know the basics of SQL and I can use it in programs written for the Windows platform. Unfortunately I can’t do this in the Kodular wizard. I would like to display the result of an SQL query in a text box or display in a list. In the future, I would like to save the values from the text boxes to the database.
I attach 3 pictures. 1-list view (the program does not display anything), 2-text box view (does not display anything), 3-database view.
blocks blocks2

Please, give me a hint what I’m doing wrong?

Query will be
SELECT ‘lmie’ FROM ‘Users’ WHERE ‘Id’ = 1

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I also tried by the way and it also doesn’t work. It seems to me that the SQL question is only correct in the program code I have an error.

Did you get correct sql database path
I think you need to call open database check there is block for open database or load database

see the documentation SQLite - Kodular Docs

Raw Query

Executes the provided rawQuery Statement asynchronously. Returns a YailList with the selected data and number of records in the AfterQuery Event. Parameter: 1) String sql. 2) YailList selectionArgs: List with the arguments that will replace ‘?’ in where clause in the query, to prevent SQL injections

I read the documentation a few days ago. I have been trying to fix the error for two days but unfortunately I don’t get it right :-(. Kodular documentation is well written but unfortunately there are no tutorials or examples on the Internet. I am looking for and trying to learn it.


it seems to be, you have forgotten to search in the community…


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Hi. I also have similar need. Did you find some solution. Could you please share a working example. Thanks.

a working example you can find if you follow the previous link…
unfortunately it looks like you did not read my previous answers at all…
also @CarlosPedroza27 might be happy to answer your question…


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Hi Taifun, first of all let me credit you for a big support on many components especially SQLite.
Your answers, not only here, but on many chains of discussions, have guided my way to learn Kodular.

Kodular is a minimal coding tool and dummies like me find it as our only hope. But the level we are at, we need to cross a learning curve even to be eligible to understand the documentation.
I understand we might be sometimes irritating the community with questions as if to spoon feed.
But believe me the pro level you are at, when you spoon feed we still struggle to digest it.

Please don’t lose hope with us, we need the hand of you and the community. Thank you and all, for the support.

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