Decode Json with Dictionary block

Hi everyone,
I am one json response and I am trying to get data from it with dictionary block.
Json Data ;

[{“word”:“hi”,“phonetics”:[{“text”:"/haɪ/",“audio”:“"}],“meanings”:[{“partOfSpeech”:“exclamation”,“definitions”:[{“definition”:"Used as a friendly greeting or to attract attention.”}]}]},{“word”:“HI”,“phonetics”:,“meanings”:[{“partOfSpeech”:“abbreviation”,“definitions”:[{“definition”:“Hawaii (in official postal use).”}]}]}]

I need to get every tag data from it like word, audio, partOfSpeech, definition etc.

I have try below method but get error message everytime.

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Already used it.

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did it work?

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also it seems like your json is not correct pls go and check here -

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It’s json response from api.

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You don’t need an extension to get information from a Json.

I have tried with or without extension but didn’t help me.

It has already been said above: your json contains errors.

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