Decoration causes error

I added Decoration (from the Utilities menu) and get the following error in the Companion.
When I remove Decoration I don’t get the error

Means you dont use the latest companion update


If I’m able to add the Decoration, wouldn’t that mean the Companion is the latest? Or how can I tell if the Companion is the most recent?

  1. Go to the Play Store and check for updates
  2. Open the companion app and check the version at the bottom, the latest is 1.4B.0 Eagle.
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Does this happen with any blocks? If not, please show blocks

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I feel like an idiot!
The Companion update fixed the Decoration error. Thanks for the help.

By the way, the Decoration is a nice addition. I used it a lot in AppyBuilder. I’m glad it got added to Kodular.

Thanks, again.

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No problem. Also fyi, I tested and works with no issues:


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