Issue with Decoration Component

Hi All,

After the Api 29 update of Kodular am facing a bug…

I have a screen where I have used textbooks…I have used the decoration component to set the border of textbooks and I have set the rounded to true…

Am constantly getting this error message and its unable to complete the action for all text boxes. I have tried on both companion and by exporting the app as apk. Attaching the error message below and image of my blocks

Things I have tried : Reinstalling the latest version of companion

Checking the app as apk

After removing decoration component… I don’t get that error message so am pretty sure its an issue with decoration component

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 1.39.26 AM

Please suggest an alternative as well as a solution to my problem


First please change the category to #discuss as it’s not confirmed it’s a bug…



Also instead of using all of these blocks use any component blocks…

There are some other bugs this is not


I have found and bug after latest API update

It’s not coming every time but it comes 8 to 10 times in a day

Bug is when I try to compile to APK is says builder server is not compatible with latest version of kodular


This is an old image…i have removed that block…if you check the second image which has the complete block then you will see that i have removed and placed this block in the bottom right of my blocks

Can you elaborate this a bit ???

Use for each item in list of your components {
set decoration of component…The component is your item…And set the other parameters as you want…That saves a lot of blocks…

Its a bug since the app was working fine before api 29 and i didnt even touch the app and the next day its giving this error message.

Already had a chat with @Vishwas regarding this issue…he suggested me to post this on the community

Sound well…do you mind sending the image of blocks for the same :grin:

Then I suggest you post a new image of all your blocks

Still there is a blank one

here is the latest image

Not much I can see there ( :eyeglasses: :eyeglasses:)

Don’t know what’s wrong in your end, as here it works as it should companion 1.4C.4 Eagle and 1.4C.5 Eagle



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