Delay in getting firebase data

I can get the desired data but it takes around 3 seconds to load, and every time I refresh the page the data loads again.

I would like to store the name, photo and score data, so it doesn’t disappear and appear every time I come back on the screen.




I’ve tried saving the data in tinydb this way and fetching the data when it has initialization.

But now the screen freezes for a few seconds before showing the data.
data keeps disappearing with each screen startup.

instead of using more if else why dont to use dictionary method of calling data?

set firebase bucket to empty
call fiebase data to (the red circled values using the separator/


and in when firebase got data just use like this

I have called like this


I think I didn’t understand this part, I don’t have much knowledge in the area and the language gets in the way a little.

would you have some free time to see my aia and help me with this problem?

If you are getting image from firebase and want to mount in image component then this 3 sec delay is quite common. If you want to get faster mean just use image utility


thank you very much for your help, it helped me a lot.
It’s charging pretty fast now, I just made one change.

I changed the image utility to this extension.
the image now has the same loading as the text.


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