Delayed Notifications


Also I am not able to open notifications by clicking on profile picture sometimes.

I also have same issue with notification, think so the maintenance have something to do.

@vknow360 you only have 2 search buttons I have 3


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Every time you clicked on a topic more search button will be duplicated. Anyway, I have this notification problem too

But this is for the first time, I’m facing this

Same problem here

I don’t have these problem (today) but yesterday I received notification of a post that I had already seen

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Yep, same here. Not having any issue of that search button.


Edit : still receiving the old notification :sweat_smile:

No issue for search button…
Minutes before I search for cryptography guide and I had no problem…
Reload your browser, let’s see what happens !!!

i everyday receive from 3 posts by Boban that too multiple times

Ok to check, has anyone liked the post they’re receiving the notifications about?

YES few i have liked and few not.

Well we have to narrow down the reasons, it can’t just be random… There has to be a reason.

Yep, you are right @hammerhai

Edit :but not everytime, 7/10 times it’s that reason.

See it’s of today ( pointing about Boban ones ) -

But i don’t have liked it.

@Boban there have been many complaints about notifications with you in the past :smirk_cat:

Same here got notification from boban and Peter and others too. But that is discourses issue and not there.

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I got some from Peter and others

Actually as from today I have no notifications at all


i was clarifying that it’s not related to Liked comments.