[Deprecated] Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

The last update from Kodular reminds me of iOS 13, because this was the most buggy update ever from Apple. There have been 17 updates to iOS 13 (in a few weeks).

But Kodular should at least try to fix the current (serious) bugs (at least on the test / beta server). However, we haven’t received any feedback from the Kodular team for weeks. :upside_down_face:


I agree, kodular customer service has to improve, at least as ankie says one answer or communique for the community, but the silence does not tell us anything, they only speak fast when monetization is talked about: /


That’s right. There are many software bugs.
I do not even write about many anymore because there is no reaction from the kodular team.


this is not working i will send you my app aia please chk it and slove my Problem please.
FreeFire_Leauge.aia (3.7 MB)

I have used Admob and Spreadsheet component in my project.
For Admob Banner and Interstitial Ad Consent Title and Consent Message fields are not empty and for Spreadsheet View Name is also not empty still the screen not opening and the app is keep crashing.

If you checked About Screen Title, all those component properties & extension fields then you may post logs to know the reason of crash

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I just try to preview the crash report and attached the screenshot of the crash report.

Do you use webviewer to load html ?


Yes have loaded html in web viewer

Try using Custom WebView instead

Thanks for your post.

I have been able to fix my app Thanks to your advices.

For me the point was Toggle button.

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worst update i have ever seen , cannot update my app lost many user and cannot do anything since month , our demand now is not fixing bugs just return us to previous version just for a week .


Why Kodular app crashing on only my Samsung S21 ultra Android 11 ?


Please include Web viewer also because I created 5 project to check it and in every project it crashes


When Kodular is going to release a update to fix these bugs ?


how you fix it?

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I donot know

I really stpped while using html string sending to WebView because of do many crash and don’t know what to do

try this. I am also trying. let’s see

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I am sure many are waiting for Kodular fixes for App crashes just like me.

I found a way to FIX issues manually in a bit easier way. I have tried it earlier going through the blocks for hours and still the app would crash after compiling. Other debugging tool was too complex for me :slight_smile: to understand (not a java expert).

Just to describe how complex one of my app is. I have around 9 screens. And one of the main screen has over 5k blocks.

Here is how I fixed it.

Step1 - export your project as aia

Step2 - go to https://unchive.kodular.io/. (Very handy tool. Helps in solving broken project too.)

Step3 - Upload your project. Wait for the project to load. Once loaded, the app details should show in a organised manner.

Step4 - Start scanning properties only (ignore blocks for now) Screen by Screen. Component by component espcially the ones listed in this topic above

Step5 - Fix the properties in creator as you find the issues. (took me actually few mins to find the root cause)

Step6 - Once you have gone through all component properties. Fix the blocks issues accordingly which may take longer depending on how you have coded. For me, not much change other than the webviewer issues.

My major problem was WebViewer Load HTML issue. Was able to solve it using ExtendedWebViewer extension.

I know it is not the best way to fix the issues. But, it worked for me.

Hope this helps someone with their app crashes. Do let me know how it goes.

Kodular team - Thank you for giving an awesome platform to code. I know and understand, some bugs are difficult to fix. But, keep up the good work. I know it is only going to improve from here.

PS: Please ignore the typos.