Detect URL in List View

How can I highlight URL in list view so that user can click and go to website? I want this without using html tag.

directly set listview element to list(list of links)

Need more explanation . Pardon me for being a tyro.

from where you are getting list?

i am getting list from airtable. Could you please guide through blocks.

Show me what you have done till now?

I think without html it’s not possible.

With something like this you can highlight whatever has an url, or whatever you need.


But you need to use html

You can use activity starter to open selected item in browser

Hi @Utsav_Kumar Welcome to Kodular Community

You can do that by using a list containing all links.
For example:
1.When screen initializes store links in list and set listview elements to respective text which will be shown instead of links (Page Title).

2.When list view item picked set Web Viewer URL to:

     select list item(
     List = links list
     Index = ListView.Selection_Index