Did kodular cancel the upload of aia files?

hi . For three days I have been trying to upload the aia file, but this message always appears

“” Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later! “”

I checked the internet speed is good. I also tried to use a VPN, but to no avail as well

Does this happen now with anyone?

Kodular definitely has not cancelled the upload of AIA files. Are the aia files kodular aia file or from somewhere else?

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Yes, a kodular file that I was working on and I saved a copy of it as a backup for me

Thats odd, since I do this constantly especially when making big experimental changes. Hopefully someone can help you out.

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How big was your aia?

size : 335 kb

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I changed the VPN program and managed to upload it, but the problem is still there without vpn​:man_shrugging:
Thanks for everyone’s interest :yellow_heart: