Server Error, Could not upload project

I have a recent aia backup of a project I have been working on. When I try uploading it to Kodular, it says there is a: “Server Error could not upload project, please try again later.” I have done research and have tried the following things:

  • Using a good internet connection and an Ethernet cable.
  • I have 9 gb of ram available.
  • I have made a copy of the aia, extracted it and compared it to another Kodular aia that successfully uploaded and the file structures are identical.
  • I have tried uploading the aia during different times of the day.
  • I have tries Firefox and Chrome

The project has 15mb of assets and 7 screens. Two screens have around 10,000 blocks, one has 4,000 blocks and the other four have under 1,000 blocks. One screen.bky is 10 mb, but the rest are under 5 mb. I have 7 extensions uploaded to the project. I have imported a backup like this before with no issues. When I tried importing a previous backup that had successfully been imported a while ago, it did not import.

Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

how many files are there in the assets?
it might work if you remove a few of the largest assets?
did you follow tip 2 here

also @Boban might have an idea…


Thanks for the reply.

I cut down the assets folder to 11 mb, compressed the folder and changed the ending from zip to aia. When I tried to upload it, Kodular says that it is not an aia file even though it ends in .aia. What am I doing wrong?

if you want to manipulate the aia file do not uncompress and later compress again…
open the aia file using 7zip and use drag and drop to replace one or more of the assets…


I figured it out, thank you for your help.

I ended up having to remove all of the assets to get the backup aia to upload. Then I pasted all of the blocks from a certain screen from the backup aia into my backpack. In the current project, I removed all of the blocks from the same screen and pasted the ones from the backup aia. The changes I made in the designer section had to be copied and the “_copy” text added to every copied component had to be removed manually. It’s too bad Kodular can only import projects with few assets.

Hi, could you show us, step by step, how to do this ? I need to copy just the graphic part of an app to another
Thank you

copy the project and delete all the blocks

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