Can't open project - server error could not load file


I can’t open one of my projects, I get the error message “server error, could not load file”.

I am not sure what exactly the problem is but here is some info: The app has over 200 image sprites with many blocks across 2 screens. No extensions used. Last thing I remember doing is adding thousands of blocks that I had in my backpack to the screen.

(fyi: I don’t need the second screen, I was only using this to quickly rename many blocks and then adding them to the backpack to paste into the first screen)

Sorry if the information is vague but if you have any questions i’d be happy to answer, any help would be appreciated!

import your latest backup and restart the project from there
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS

Check Your internet connection if internet is slow then kodular show this error. I am also face this issue. If you do not have an internet problem, then you must have imported an app made from any other drag and drop platform into aia kodular.

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Hi, thanks for the response

I made the silly mistake of not backing up the project. I have been off of Kodular for months and clearly need to get back into proper practices. Is there anyway for me to download the project aix so I can manually remove the second screen (and the thousands of blocks). I know you need to open the project to download it, but if there is any other way for me or maybe kodular staff to access the file.

I know it is due to my mistake but its thousands of blocks iv’e worked on that would take me days to redo.

Again, thanks for any help or reply, appreciate it.

Thanks for the response.

My internet connection is quite fast as far as I know and I did not import the project from anywhere else.

Appreciate the help!

well, what about trying it?

that’s not correct…
In the project overview window click the cloud symbol to download the project

I thought it was the AIX I needed, I actually downloaded the AIA :sweat_smile: but didn’t think it was the right one. I think you can tell it’s been a while for me.

Thank you very much Taifun, one thing that hasn’t changed over the last few months I see is your helpfulness!

Although my initial problem still occurs even when I delete the screens from the AIA, so still very confused.

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