Digicel MonCash API

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I’m trying to create an online store app, and my target audience is in Haiti. There, we have a phone company who partnered with a bank and created a payment service called “MonCash”.
They provided a lot of file but I’m not familiar with the Extension Creator.

Java pdf file with code

Rest API Resources

Sandbox Account

Additional video resources (In Haitian Creole, couldn’t find it in English)

For the sandbox account, you can use generic informations, they don’t verify it really, it’s just for testing.

Thanks in advance.

The REST API Resources It is your study path so that you can send the parameters so that the API gives you what you want.
HOST_REST_API can be moncashbutton.digicelgroup.com/Api for live and sandbox.moncashbutton.digicelgroup.com/Api for test.”
Notice where HOST_REST_AP is in curl commands
1- Authentication
After , The possible services to be consumed.
2-Create Payment - “To create a payment you must send the orderId and amount
Observe the parameters orderId and amount:

3-Payment Details - “To get a payment details from the return URL business script you must send the transactionId and orderId as HTTP POST with an AuthorizationBearerToken.”
4-SampleCapture payment by order Id
5-Sample Create Payment

And this topic help you :

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Should I just use the web component from Kodular?

Take a slow reading this topic and documentation, which you will be able to do.
With curl commands:

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Thanks, I will keep you updated when I finished it. :+1:t5: