[DISCONTINUED] APKInfo v2 - Get information from an APK file

Hello everyone,

This is my first extension and made with Kodular IDE. And thanks to Kodular for their IDE very much! It was a great experience to work with Kodular IDE.


This extension allows getting some information from an APK file (this can be every apk file) without installing to device.



  • preferNames value
    If you set true for preferNames, you will get these values:

    • auto
    • internalOnly
    • preferExternal

    If you set false for preferNames, you will get constant values according to Android Developer Docs:

    • 0 (= auto)
    • 1 (= internalOnly)
    • 2 (= preferExternal)
  • About Version block
    Version block will return CSV value:

    • “16” is Version Code.
    • “A1.4” is Version Name.

    You need to use “list from CSV text” block to parse result.


All code is using try, catch, so you won’t get any errors from the app. All of the blocks will return an empty string if there is an error, such as wrong file etc.


com.yusufcihan.apkinfo.aix (10.5 KB)


I have another competitor on the block :joy: Nice extension friend!


Great start @yusufcihan!
Keep it up. :+1:


Update v2

Now you don’t need apkPath value for every block. I added File property for that.

So these blocks don’t need apkPath value anymore.

New Block!

This method can export APK icon from APK as PNG format. You need to have permission to write storage.

I tried this block for one of my apps’ apk file, and I got 294x294 app icon.

I updated first post, you can download it from there.



Your next stretch is coming

I expect it will be great

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Sorry, I fixed it now by replacing with constant link.


what is the value of InstallLocation.
are this is the path of our apk file


Can you add something like this

I badly need it

As Kodular IDE is down, it is impossible to add an update. Also I stopped working on it as you can see from topic date and post’s dates. I can add the source code to the main post when IDE is up if anyone wants to add a new feature.

Lastly, reviving old topics is not a good idea. :grimacing:

The moderators can feel free to close this topic.


This works
please please… :pleading_face:

Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à obtenir les informations dans MIT APP INVENTOR, je ne comprend pas ce qu’il faut mettre en source, si mon apk est stocké dans le DCIM et non pas une carte SD, et à quoi sert le : "/mnt/ ?

Merci d’avance, et félicitation pour cette superbe extension !

Translated from fr by Bing

Well, I can’t get the information in MIT APP INVENTOR, I don’t understand what to source, if my apk is stored in the DCIM and not an SD card, and what’s the point of: "/mnt/ ?

Thank you in advance, and congratulations on this superb extension!

@yusufcihan Can we get icon from apk ?

Yes, you can.

But how there is no block to get image from apk @themaayur help plz

What about export icon block?

Look I don’t want to get icon saved , i want to list them in a listview with these icons

I don’t think there is a solution for that…You can get them if the app is installed on your device using package utilities component…Also you can wait for @yusufcihan answer…

This extension is not updated anymore. My only extension that receives updates is Dynamic Components extension currently.

You can continue using this extension, but it won’t receive any updates. And alternatively to the ExportIcon block is:

component_method (3)

And I don’t know if it is possible without saving the icon with current possibilities.

To use that block you will have to install the app.

Since it returns bitmap so we can directly set it to image.

Actually it returns the file path of the created icon.