Display a row of 5 columns from airtable in list view

I have searched through the entire community topics, couldn’t find a single solution for displaying an entire row from airtable in kodular. The maximum people are suggesting is to get 3 columns of data and one of that would be image.

I have an airtable with 5 columns. I want to display the data row by row in the screen.

I tried using Tableview extension, but that’s also a string format.

Is there any other alternative way to store and retrieve data for all columns into app.

it is easily achievable only but if you show us your model of spreadsheet and your work, it will be convenient for us to suggest you…

Many thanks for replying back.

I’ve a simple screen with currently no data in it.

I’m attaching the airtable view for reference. It has currently four columns. I’m going to add one more column for date in there.

I’m trying to show the table as it is in my app with all rows and columns.

This is ok, but i suggest you first go through with these method and try… once you get the datas i hope you will get an ides to sort it in your style

from the above method you will have 4 lists(script, entry,target,status)

so by using for each number from (1) to (length of any one list) by 1 you can design what you are expecting… I am sure after trying the above method you can achieve it… just matter of 5 min you will get it…

or you can use dynamic component also to show the values

Thank you Sankar for your guidance. I’m almost got all the info into a label.
However while i’ve put a listbox below the table where i’m geting an error saying, i’m trying to extract from an empty cell.
I’m attaching the error code here for your reference.
Also attaching the code snippets which i’ve created based on your guidance.

Requesting your help in this regard. I’m also attaching the app screenshot here.

Code snippet2

may i see your airtable ?

No issue, working fine… pls check your side


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Dear Shankar,

You are really awesome. Thanks a ton for your detailed guidance.

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