Display AdMob across multiple screens

I´m new in Kodular. I just programmed 2 Apps, i came from a plataform that we really code.

The method i use now to display a screen pressed before by a button (i made apps like in the first screen a group of buttons the goes to the right screen and back, like a menu…) by now is “make visible off” an vertical arranjement. So this is very difficult when you haver 3-4-5 buttons… The best/simple should be have a menu screen associated with a button, and as many as necessary screens vs buttons… BUT i want to monetize the app with a bottom banner AdMob. Now i use the same space (at botton) for the ad, i think if i make the app with multiple screens i need to hide and show the same banner?
What should be the best methos for this case?

Many thanks and sorry some error.

As far I am able to understand, you are asking about how to show banner ads on multiple screens right ? If this is the case, then the answer is - you have to take new Admob Banner AD Component at every screen you make !

And also make sure you do not put same ad unit ID in every screens to avoid Admob Ad CTR errors.

Yes, a app with muliple screens. O know how to put it, but two questions:

  • Is the same "call AdMob_Banner1.LoadAd?
  • I need to hide when exit the screen, or it “dies” with the screen exit, and need to show in another screen, right?

What do you mean by “same ad unit in every screens”? Eache screen needs to individual baner id at AdMob site? If i have 10 screens, 10 AdMob Baner ids?

Many thanks.

Yes the block “call.Admob1.loadAd” will be same on every screen, you have to use this block to load ads.

And you do not need to hide any component when you switch a screen, let it be admob banner or any other component, all components will hide automatically when you navigate to another screen.

See also How to switch screens correctly

And Admob AD Unit Id is the Code that google provide you to integrate in your app to show ads its like ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111

Hope am clear enough :blush:

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yes absolutely,

Is that a AdMob policy, or a Kodular Best Practise?


Things are different on different coding platforms, i don’t have much knowledge about other platforms but yea, in app inventor sites like kodular this is how you show ads

And its not valid, have one baner id for the AdMob… and display it in the multiply screens?
I don´t know, bur for example the welcome screen put all blocks neeeded to request the ad, and show it. In next screen just show (or if necessary make the request again and show), etc etc…

I´ll will try what you say. Thanks.

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You can use one ad unit ID on all screens there are no restrictions but, it will not be good for your Admob Account, like there will be high CTR issues, so, to be on safer side, use new ad unit id on another screen.

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