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Hello Family, How do I get a button to display text stored in an airtable ? am creating a quote that displays random quotes every time some presses on it.

Call column contains quotes from airtable, when spreadsheet got column set a global variable to get values. When button click set a label.text to pick a random item from list

am stuck here

Assuming that quotes are stored in a column named Quotes in airtable


am getting this response

make sure you are getting values from airtable. check an empty row is there or not, base ID, api key, table name…

error says no value obtain from airtable…

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You are not getting data from airtable. Check api key, base id, table’s name. If all correct then check airtable for empty cells or empty rows, because if any no data will be received in app.Also is your column named Quotes ? Post ascreenshot of airtable

Check for empty row. If none check again api key, base id, table’s name

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If not, may be you may have clicked the button before airtable getting values from airtable. so move the set label test to when spreadsheet got column and check

Thanks a lot, it has worked :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: I had 2 empty rows and the base was wrong I left out something…