Get value of airtable from textbox value


i have an application, with an airtable and 4 columns ( columns A,B,C,D )

i am trying to find the value of Columns B,C,D from textbox value.

For the moment i have this :

in the label 8 i got the value of colum A ( referencias ), but i don´t know how i can proceed for get the values of columns B, C, D in the same row 8 asociates values )


good afternoon

i get my proposition, but always get an error in execution time, the app works but i can´t find the error



there are any option for know where is the error?


Do you have any empty row in your airtable spreadsheet… Please show a screenshot of your spreadsheet

Sorry i come of get the result¡¡
thank you

Please also state what was the issue it may help other users having the same issue

yes, sorry.

these are my blocks