Display Simple Local HTML Pages

I create simple HTML pages and display those in my app as “Help” pages.

I have a Screen3 dedicated to a full-page Web Viewer.

The HTML file can be in Assets or I can copy the necessary files from Assets to the ASD.

On this forum I found using http://localhost/ as a prefix to the filename will cause it to look for the file in Assets. I set the Home URL in Designer to this and the page displayed. But, the HTML page contains an image, also in Assets, that did not display properly.

I also tried copying everything to the ASD, but I could not get anything to display.

I suppose having everything displayed from Assets would be preferable. In that case, what address do I use in the HTML file to reference my image (icon.png), also in Assets, so it displays?

The other option is to copy everything from Assets to the ASD. What address should I put in the Home URL of the Designer so that I can use the block “Web_Viewer1.Go Home”. What address should I use in my HTML file to reference the image, icon.png, which I will also copy to the ASD.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I’m not able to hit on the right combination. The phone I’m testing on has Android 11.



I got it working after finding another old post in this forum.

I have the two files I need stored in Assets –mohlp.htrml and moicon.png.

I use the Web Viewer block “Go to URL” with the URL: file:///android_asset/mohlp.html

Within the HTML file I reference my image as a local image – moicon.png


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