Webview - App Asset Help?

I have uploaded an image in app asset. Now since i created an app for html web page creator and practice in which i use web view to load user html code from text box as shown in the blocks below:-


Now i want the user to use image in asset. for example aa.jpg so i use the following code : img src =“file:///android_asset/aa.jpg” but it not work. I want to know how to do it, because in my app i am teaching user how to use html tags with particular set of examples and image. So i hope you can help! Thanks and have a good day!

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use only the file name without path, see also

PS: I just have seen, it was you who asked there… and there I already gave you the answer 2 days ago… `it seems to be, I’m wasting my time here…

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I am sorry for that but yes you have already solved my problem 2 days ago on appybuilder community. thanks you are true intelligent.

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