WebViewer [html] Images from assets doesn't load

I have an issue with html img src object and i can’t find the right answer troughout the forum.

WEbViewer Issue 2
That setup doesn’t work. Other formats like jpg, png doesn’t work, but random image link from the Internet works perfectly. h1 and p displays without a problem.

WebViewer Issue 1
It works.

Is there something i miss? I lost a lot of time already :joy:

Have you tried loading the html file as you did with the gif file


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Thank you! It works! I thought there is no difference between html code in file and text string.

Hi @HeyAveHey
You can use a relative file path if both files are in the same directory.
You also need read permission if you want to load a file from external storage.

Ok, but when i used html code in text component i used relative path and full path. Both doesn’t work.

I see. Application specific directory doesn’t need permission, does it? But it can be easily remove from memory by user am i right?

No, it does not need any permission.

Yes you are right.

That’s bad :rofl: Thanks for answers!

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