Do Kodular ads respect the same restriction for kidsset in my Admob account?

I am trying to insert my kodular game app in Google play store. In the app I inserted the admob banners.
The game is suitable also for kids so I setted a low age rate for my app.
The play store is telling me that all the content, including the ads should be suitable for the kids, so I went in my Admob account and I set the ads according to the low age target.
I understood that Kodular insert some of its ads when displaying the admob ads.
My point is if I set the Admob ads for the target of kids, do also Kodular Ads display follow the same restriction set in Admob.
I mean can I say that my game app is suitable for the kids because both Admob banner and Kodular banner are target for kids (after setting the admob age rage).?

Thanks for the support