Admob ads inappropriate

Hi. I received an email from an application in Kodular, which tries to update with the component that allows string.xml, and tells me that the App was rejected because “Issue: Violation of Inappropriate Ads policy”, giving me to understand that is showing inappropriate ads in my application. I have tested the Ads and I have seen that the ads are adequate, but in general, I do not know what kind of ads will be showing that it seems to be “for mature public”, while my application is for young audiences.

I will try to resolve this in Admob by modifying the mediations, and ask for more information from Google about which ads were shown for mature public.

I report this here because I do not know what ads are visualizing Kodular of that 5 or 30% that they take from my applications.

Which ad networks do you use?

AdMob doesn’t show ads for mature audiences, it’s in their policies (and one of the checks we perform before displaying ads)

Yes of course. I have not even upgraded my Apps, I just updated the terms and conditions link, and that message came from the Google Play Console team.

Humm, then I recommend trying again, probably it was just a mistake from them
Doesn’t make sense that error

Well, I wanted to leave doubts, if Kodular was not the one who showed those ads. Anyway, I will update the App with the new versions of the platform if there is a larger filter.


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What is in your terms and conditions? May be your problem is there.

But I think it was just a mistake, as said before me.

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I have added a third party html game website in my app which shows ads for mature audience also. Google rejected my app for invalid content ratings.

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