Ads Approval In Kodular apps

Which Type Of Apps Kodular allow for admob approval?

Definitely not Earning Apps. Alongside less functioned, poor designed apps are also not welcome, as far as I know.

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if my app is nice in design,big functional but that dont follow google rules?will that be accepted like gambling?

No…That will not be accepted. In this case you cannot publish your app to playstore, that means autistic approval will not be there. You have to show legitimate reason why Kodular would approve ads for your app.

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because i want to earn
i just gave example but i am making app not accepted by google play but it will be liked by users

Just fill up the ad request form and write the app should be approved for ad just because you want to earn.

Wait for the result. :wink::grin:

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bro according to my calculation that will take so much time to build and i have startd building somewhat 1percent in built till now and if it dont get approval then my full time will be wasted so if i get to know that my app will be allowed or not that will save my time
i could have shared my app here but its good and rare idea that will be copied by someone

Almost every type of app is allowed by Kodular except earning and web view apps.

But if you get approval then it totally depends on Admob(Google) whether they want to send ads in your app.And this leads to ad request was successful but no ad was returned due to lack of inventory

ok Thanks and for infomation
my app is still building
when it will be completed i will surely share in community