Will My app approved for Admob

Hi I am Thinking to build an rewarding App(Not like earning App)
So in this app there will be a Game(Either I’ll create it or Encode from free html5 websites) And user will earn some points when he will play that game
Other then That there will be
Daily login rewards Points
Watch & warn(Admob rewarded ads)
Spin & win Etc
And those points can we redeem to real cash(Through easypaise : App like Paytm but in my country)
Will my app approve for ads?
I am asking it because I don’t want to spend hours to make this app and later came to know that it can’t be approved.
Kind regards.

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No your app will not be approved by us. You can read our monetisation guidelines here:


That is an earning app.

It means Any App Which Gives Real Cash Is Declared As Earning App?
It’s like A Player Playing A Game Earning Points and Getting That Points Redeemed In Real Lofe wash.

We do not allow apps that show ads in exchange for real money. AdMob does not allow you to incentivise ads this way


OK1 last Information
I build An app and when i went to My Kodular Dashboard then Project and clicked on App i created
Under monetization its Show Status Wait 2 Days 22 Hours

But neither i Submit it for Approval nor I Gave any Description (Details) About app
1)Does this Step is Automatic? Or
2)I can send approval Request After 2 days?

It means you have to wait 2 days before you can apply for approval

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But my app will be a Game (User will earn points by playing game not by watching ads)

You cannot use rewarded ads to give users coins that can be exchanged for real money.


But if i only Use Game Then will i get Approved?

Your app will be approved as long as you adhere to our guidelines


Those kind of games are never approved to serve ads.

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Someone Shared an App aia With Encoded HTML5 Games So i thought It will get approved for Ads.

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Just make a simple pixel games and then use ads you don’t have to make it earning app. Earning apps are not allowed as per Google and kodular guidelines.