My Request To Kodular...Kindly solve this issue

Hi kodular team!
You guys have done a great job by creating this amazing website. Where one can create his app completely free. In return you do show some of your ads on the app created by us (developers) with the help of kodular which is completely fair. But now the thing is that later you guys were showing admob ads. Most of the admob ads are completely professional and appropriate. But now as you guys are using unity ads. They are showing some very inappropriate ads on my app.
Recently I have created an friendship calculator app and it was for children and adult too. But it got rejected by the google team just because of those sensitive adult ads. Later I submitted app again with age group of 16+ and it got accepted by google. Also I don’t want my users to see such ads. Even I have blocked all the adult categories on my admob and fb ad network.
I want you to please block some of those ads and categories.

I will be very thankful to you for this favor and hoping for a positive response.


Hi, first if all sorry for that inconvenience
I promissed checking this after coming back from holidays

I changed Unity settings now to this ones:

Will it be fine?
The next filter is “Do not show ads rated 5+”, but I don’t think they are necessary


9+? Shouldn’t 18+ filter be enough? :sweat_smile:


Thank You Sir! hope that it will help.

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The other filters were 13+ and 17+, but we would better keep it like that


You’re the boss. :slight_smile:




I was about to ask the same thing.

Thank you very much, @Diego!


Sir I think you should go for 13 or 18+ the reason is according to new google console policy the content rating system do not allow your app for 3-13 age kids and I think that will affect the app downloads badly. As you can see my app is more for kids, it’s just a friend ship calculator. Still showing such ads. Kindly review it out.


Here’s the thumbnail for YouTube videos. Perfect dimension for YouTube video. @Diego

Great place to address this issue.