Does admob pays for impression.?

My app has more than 50000 impression but earning is to increase earning.

Basically earnings depends on clicks, and valid clicks gives revenue and there are many other factors also , like high end devices gives more revenue than tablets or low devices, depends o which country and which ads are being clicked, like asian countries dont gives much revenue because their cost per click is very low, lke 0,01 USD, and countries like USA, Canada, UK have high CPC like sometimes up to 1USD per click, depends on ad which are being clicked,

Sometimes they gives some revenue for 1000 impressions, but not always,

As my app generate 30000 to 60000 impression per day . How I generate more revenue approx 30 to 40 $ per day.
It basically use on mostly in India.

for india you got low cpc , you cant do anything for that, when you will get other countries user then you will get high cpc,