Doubt about saving items in the list

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
I did a search on this subject, but found nothing.
So I am posting, and I would like your help.


In the image like this, I would like the data entered in the text box to be saved in the list viewer below, circled in red, according to the order that appears in the red circles.


Below is a code of how I did it. But there are 2 problems:

  1. This data is not saved. When I exit the App it goes out. But I would like it to be recorded.
  2. The data is 1 below the other, but I would like to have 1 beside the other.

Thank you

Excuse. But is visible = true part of your logic?
1- You need to research the databases that exist. TinyDb, SqlLite, Firebase … They are the only way to save data permanently.
2- Did you want the 3 dice to be next to each other? Horizontal Arregement with Vertical. I thought you wanted the opposite, that the labels be above each input element (text box and spinner)

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Goodnight friend
So, how to save this data without using an external database?
As for the list, see how it looks. One below the other. But I wanted you to be next to each other.

Did you try to assemble your list using join + list item +
+ 2 item +
+ 3 item?

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Thanks for the tip. Tomorrow I will try your suggestion and come back here to talk if it worked. thank you

I did it like this, and it worked
Thanks for the help


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