Download apk on Makeroid Store without login


I think applications on Makeroid store would be much more successful if we could download them without having a Makeroid account.
If an application is published on the Makeroid Store and shared with people who don’t know Makeroid, they won’t have an account, and probably won’t want to waste time creating an account just to download a single application!

Even if we know Makeroid, if I’m on the forum with my PC, that I discover an application I’d like to download that is hosted on the Makeroid Store, I’ll have to go on the link with my smartphone (that’s why I put a flashcode on my application to go faster), it will first take 1 minute to connect to his account before I’ll be able to access it.

Its not hard to create an account, but it’s much more easier than just press on Download !

2 words: Google Account

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Yes, but’s if i see Login to download, it demotivates me right away to download the application

Should say that to Google too then.

There has to be some confirmation that you are not a bot, otherwise bots will increase the traffic


Then just add a captcha :slight_smile:
After that it’s true that the vast majority of people on Makeroid store come to download the application from the forum, or know Makeroid store and come to download applications on it, so they normally have an account

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I’ve already replied here:

PlayStore doesn’t allow to download APKs without login. They even require to be on their mobile app, while we allow from any browser

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On the other hand, Play Store is a trusted source. (most users don’t even know how to enable unknown sources)

Why many sites like APKMirror can download without logging in ?

Because they are not stores, as the name sais, they are “mirrors” of the stores

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You’re right !
I still think it’s more convenient without login, but it’s your choice.

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