Download MP4 Files From One Drive

Hello, Is it possible to download “.mp4” From One Drive Using @Atom_Developer,s Extended Downloader With This Link!AlUdLfpUu97FhGQ9E0-_5rZlB36L?e=LHXK6q

( I Think It’s Not Possible Because One Drive’s Shareable link ( For .mp4 Files ) Is Not Using For Direct Downloading )

if you need that manually right click–>open it in another tab–>copy link of it
the link is

Yes it can happen by using replace all text blocks I will give blocks example after some time please give me your video link and a direct download link

I think This link is not valid after a couple of Hours!AlUdLfpUu97FhGQ9E0-_5rZlB36L?e=LHXK6q

This Is the video link of One Drive ( Shareable )

and pleas give its direct download link


I don,t Know how do i get that ( I will send The Direct Download From One Drive ?( But one drive Does Not Give That) )

Give me that direct link got by manually click on download

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But It,s not Valid forever

why it not?

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It Shows An Error After A couple Of Hours

that is the main problem?
Let me find some ways to do it

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This link is generated by One Drive,s “AI” ( Real time ), so this link does not work After some hours

This Method Is Working Well This other mime types like “.apk”,".aia" But It,s not working With the “.mp4” Type

Just now I searched on youtube and found my solution

Step - 1 copy the Embed Code Of that file by right clicking on it

Step - 2 Then replace embed with download from the embed Link

Step - 3 BOOM!! , Your Direct Download Link Is Created , and it’s valid forever!612&authkey=AOaTgZKSl6RhtyU

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