Download pdf file

Is it possible to download pdf files from cloudinary url ?

If yes, please how


Use download component and place file url in download url and start download.

Your file will be downloaded.

I tried but it is downloading only images and videos not pdf

Try with firebase storage.

Store your pdf in firebase storage, get file link and place in download link.

I tried with firebase. It works.

ok thanks ill surely try this

what will be url for the download, file path or download url in firebase storage component

In firebase storage first upload your pdf, click on the file, copy link, place it in download link.

You may need to set the file name and extension in the download component

I think using the download component and a google drive download link might help.

Yes, but the Download component can only download to the /Download folder.

See also here:

I didn’t check this, but as I said try the above extension. This works definitively also with PDF.

He has not asked about where to save it. He said it didn’t work and that it couldn’t download a pdf, which is wrong because it can.


I just tried it and it works for me. You just have to put the name of the file and be careful to put the extension .pdf correctly

will I have to add extension .pdf I have to get the pdf from firebase via cloudinary means the user will upload pdf file it will be saved at cloudinary and then the pdf url will been uploaded to firebase database then when the receiver will click on button then firebase database share the receiver url and the download have to start. But In my case the url is getting but when I click the button the download also start but save with some different file means it won’t save as pdf file I have tried will download component , deep host custom download and extended download.

So what can be the main problem in my app

Check this pdf

the file is opening when I search in google but not in chrome check out this

In google

Chrome :-

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