Downloading Pdf Books in app, legal?


I am developing an educational app for competitive exam.

I have uploaded some pdf reference books on my firebase storage, in the app i have shown book name and pdf download button.

When download complete, i am opening the pdf book file outside the app using activity starter.

Now my question is that is this against Google Play Policies?

  1. Pdf books are not own by me.
  2. I am not opening them in the app, opening them using default pdf viewer app using activity starter.

Read the licence and terms and conditions attached to the PDFs. Some will not allow them to be reproduced or resold in any way (even for free).

Also if you don’t own the pdf books it may be borderline illegal…


The top one seems to be ok as it actively encourages you to share it. However, as it’s a pharmacology book please ensure it’s “real” and not just made up science and fake medicines. In other words it should meet, at the very least, the Indian Government’s standards or Western standards.

For the second book you’ll need permission. Pearson is a major international publisher and I don’t rate your chances of getting permission but you can try and speak to them.

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Yes, it is original copy and I have latest pdf version of this book.

I will try.

Good luck.

Also what I meant about it being “real” is not that you have an original copy. What I mean is it contains genuine scientific material and not made up stuff that fake or witch doctors claim.

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If the files are copyright your app is against Google Play policies.
“Oh but the download or reading doesn’t happen at my app”
It won’t matter if your app is reported.

Now, if it is a small app you probably won’t have problems. But it is not legal and it is agains Google Play’s policies.

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