Drawer Menu How to?

Hello Koders,
In the First Screen i have a Simple Menu for food instead of creating screen or arrangement for each sub-categories are there any idea to create like a drawer menu , clicking on main category can draw sub-categories btn ? i sent a screenshoot to show what i mean

You asked a very similar question a few days ago.
Can you explain why you made a new topic ?

in a Vertical Arrangement of height set to automatic take the main button of category ( example oriental )

Below that add more buttons for subcategory ( example salads and soup )
and make them non visible

When main category button click ( oriental )
Make sub category ( salads and soup ) visible.

Or you can try Spinners ( don’t know how it will look ).

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nop, it is not even near to my last question how did you discover that , this is about drawer menu , i didn’t find any thing related to it in the community if you can answer do it if no let others help

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Thank you i will give it a try !

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So what are you asking here ?

It is not the same question but you are looking for the same solution ?

nope its not about the same solution its is the same project but different problems in this post i asked about how to cache images , in the post of today am asking about drawer menu it is not different question ? i may have tons of questions in one project what is your problem read well please !

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are there any way to click back to close ?

I don’t have any problem. I hope that many members will give you various options for your project. Sorry if you misunderstood me but I have seen many topics (from the same member) asking similar questions to get the same solution and that is not allowed. I hope you understand my point of view.

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what you are using
Spinners or Arrangements.

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It’s ok i hope you understood too that i meant to ask for a solution for another problem please next time instead to complains try to help we are here to help each other i have a pro account in thunkable i just used it one time cuz i love kodular :slight_smile:

hey, as you are using buttons. you can check the value of the buttonsub menu by the main button.

when click buttonmain
If buttonsub == false
buttonsub = true
buttonsub = false

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