Drawing text on the canvas

I am creating an app to draw however when i try to draw text it doesn´t get shown can anyone help me?

Kodular Companion:

After the add button pressed:

As you can see there is no text.
If anyone can help,
Thank You

Are the textBox 4 and Textbox 5 texts sette as a number textbox in the designer?


Because you are using custom notifier but you use when notifier after choosing. You should use when notifier.custom dialog selection

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This is working.
Thank you

Text box 4 and 5 are Both numbers.

as number??? In Designer.

Yes they are both set to numbers.
But i already found a solution.

Nice! Two things:

  • would you mind sharing it with us?
  • select a solution for closing this topic.


Did you see that… :sweat_smile:

This solution marked long time ago.

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